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Functional Behavior Assessment & Treatment Plans

Intake Consultation

To get started, this consultation is a time to gather concerns as well as obtain insurance and documentation for an assessment authorization request.


In the state of California, an assessment and ABA therapy referred by a pediatrician is fully covered for a child on MediCal. 

For those identified with autism spectrum disorder assessment and ABA therapy is most often covered by commercial insurance plans. 

For individuals who are Regional Center clients who are not covered by a MediCal managed care plan Regional Center may approve authorization for services. 

If you do not fit into the above options please get in contact with Kelly Wedberg, BCBA for an individualized plan option. 



Kern Regional Center 


Functional Behavior Assessment 

A Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) is the process of identifying target behavioral concerns, analyzing their function, and creating an individualized plan to reduce undesired behaviors and increase desired behaviors. 

Contact Us for an Initial Evaluation

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