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Get to Know Me and My Philosophy

A B O U T  S T R I V E 

Strive Behavioral Intervention

Strive Behavioral Intervention provides therapy that utilizes the science of applied behavioral analysis and the principles of learning theory. Strive works with individuals and their families to increase identified skill deficits or delays and decrease undesired or problem behaviors. Skill acquisition goals often include language and communication, self-help skills, leisure and play skills, social skills, and safety skills. Undesired behaviors come in all shapes and sizes! These targets often include tantrums, whining/crying, elopement, hitting, biting, self-aggressing, and self-stimulation.


Strive works with a variety of individuals from various ages and different walks of life. We implement research-based interventions that have been proven effective, yet we know each person we service is his or her own person and his or her needs are specific and individualized.


A B O U T  M E

Kelly Wedberg, B.T. 

Behavioral Therapist

Kelly Wedberg is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) who has worked in the field of special education and applied behavior analysis since 2003. Kelly grew up with a  younger brother with special needs, planting a seed for her work to come. As a sophomore in college, Kelly began working as a behavior therapist with children with Autism in York, Pennsylvania. During this time, Kelly received multiple trainings from Dr. Vincent Carbone and others with emphasis on the verbal behavior approach and the power of motivation. Kelly continued her work as a behavior therapist until she graduated in 2007.


From 2007 until 2014 Kelly taught in the Washington D.C. area. She taught a variety of classrooms, including emotional/behavior support, autism support, and learning support, within grades K-2, and preschool/pre-k. Kelly completed her master’s degree in special education with a certification in applied behavior analysis in 2013, sitting for her board exam in February of 2014. 


Kelly moved to Bishop, California in June of 2014 and began working for California Psychcare, overseeing the Bishop and Mammoth Lakes areas. Kelly obtained much knowledge about in-home behavioral intervention services in its modern state within California and it’s deliverance under supported funds. Kelly was blessed to receive mentoring and support from Dr. Ali Sadeghi. In December of 2016, after much help and generous giving from Dr. Sadeghi, Kelly opened Strive Behavioral Intervention. Strive continues to operate in Bishop and Mammoth Lakes, California serving these two communities and the neighboring small towns located within Inyo and Mono Counties. 

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